Car Seat Program

Car Seat Distribution

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of both women and their little ones. We are proud to introduce our baby car seat distribution program, offering brand new, brand name car seats that are not only age-appropriate but also meet the highest safety standards. To provide you with added peace of mind, a trained technician will be on hand to install the seat and provide comprehensive instruction on proper installation procedures.

What We Offer

Boro Women & Family Services provides car seats with the following features:


  • Brand New
  • Brand Name
  • Age & Safety Appropriate
  • Installation by Trained Tech
  • Installation Instructions

Car Seat Installation

During the car seat installation process, our trained technicians will meticulously assess and install the car seat to ensure optimal safety for your child. They will follow manufacturer guidelines and use their expertise to secure the seat correctly, providing a snug and secure fit. Additionally, they will explain each step, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to equip you with the confidence and knowledge needed to consistently install the car seat safely in the future, ensuring your child’s well-being during every journey.

Support Our Program

Our car seat installation service is made possible by the dedication of our volunteer technicians who generously contribute their time and expertise. Their commitment to child safety is truly commendable, and we’re immensely grateful for their invaluable support. If you share our passion for ensuring the safety of children and are interested in becoming a volunteer technician, we encourage you to join our team. Contact us to learn more about volunteering with us and making a meaningful difference in the lives of families.